OpenHouseSignWebAs an agent making a listing presentation, I always tell the prospective home Seller that I will hold open houses in his home as one means of providing maximum exposure for the property.  Many times I then get this response “You don’t need to do any open houses for me . . . they’re just a way for you to meet new clients . . . they don’t do me any good”.  Well, with all due respect, this is just not the case.  Here’s how open houses really work.

I’m sitting in your home holding an open house, and in walk Jack and Jill Buyer.  They look around, we chat, and they tell me the house is really not for them.  They need another bedroom and a larger backyard.  It just so happens that I know of several homes in the neighborhood that are a good fit.  We make an appointment to go look at them the next day.  They like one of the homes a lot, and they end up buying it!

Well, wait a minute, this just proves the point that the open house at your home did you absolutely no good . . . I met a client and sold them another home!  But not so fast.  Let’s think this through.  While I was busy meeting prospective Buyers at your open house, there were many other agents in the neighborhood holding their own open houses.  The chances are very good that one of them will meet a Buyer, chat them up, find out what they’re looking for, then realize that your home is the perfect fit.  So they bring their Buyer to your house tomorrow and it sells!  Bingo . . . this is how open houses work.  Open houses bring Buyers and agents together, and then the agents can do their thing.

So don’t expect your agent to sell your home at your open house.  The agent across town at his open house will take care of selling your home!