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A Real Estate (Sort Of) Question: Who Is She?

Who is she? This picture is on the wall at Tommy V's Restaurant in Old Town Scottsdale (great place to eat!). Other famous people also have their pictures there (Marilyn Monroe, Lauren Bacall, Humphrey Bogart). But nobody, including the owner, [...]

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The Amazing Health Benefits of Stairs

If you're a Buyer looking for the perfect dream home, you've probably noticed the difficulty a Realtor has in selling a property that has stairs. It just seems like everyone wants a "single level" home. Well just click on the [...]

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Real Estate Slow – Blame The Millennials

Let's face it . . . the real estate market is slow. This is true in Scottsdale and pretty much all across the US. Here in Scottsdale we were active until last October. Some say December. At any rate, it's [...]

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Why Open Houses Really Work

As an agent making a listing presentation, I always tell the prospective home Seller that I will hold open houses in his home as one means of providing maximum exposure for the property.  Many times I then get this response [...]

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